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Ø The design, manufacturing, and testing of our products comply with national standards and have been certified by national certification organizations.

Ø Our products are tested by testing professionals to ensure that their criteria are met to customer satisfaction.



Technical Solution Design

To provide users with perfect, professional technical solutions by understanding their requirements and existing objective conditions.


Onsite Technical Guidance

To have special technical personnel provide guidance in the installation and commission of equipment to ensure work quality.


Providing Consulting

To provide users with technical consulting and answers to their questions as long as our technical secrets are not divulged.


User Training

To provide users with training in the functions, operations and maintenance of the corresponding equipment.


Download file name release time download
Power Fault Recording Device 2015-11-27
Network Message Analysis & Failure Recording Device 2015-11-27
Portable Fault Recording Analyzer 2015-11-27
Satellite Synchronization Clock,Satellite Synchronization Device,High-Precision 2015-11-27
Power Quality Monitoring System 2015-11-27
Generator-Transformer Dynamic Fault Recording Device置 2015-11-27

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